Charlotte gives an artist talk to a group of people at a local gallery as part of a group exhibition for the Auckland Festival of Photography 2022

Charlotte gives an artist talk at a local gallery as part of a group exhibition for the Auckland Festival of Photography 2022

"Charlotte is a professional at her craft. It's a pleasure to attend her workshops."
- Dennis Tohovaka, workshop convener: Auckland Photographic Society

Award-winning photographic artist & educator
I’m proud to say I’m a Digital Imaging Advocate for Sony New Zealand, offering workshops and tuition through the Sony Scene platform. My teaching style is encouraging and supportive to help you learn. I offer tutoring and mentoring in a wide range of subjects, ranging from how to get the most from your camera all the way through to studio lighting and beauty retouching in Photoshop. I believe that continuing our personal development is how we stay inspired.
Creating art makes me feel fulfilled. It has taken me many years, but I've learned to accept that my creative photography doesn’t need to tick the boxes of rigid standards. That’s the way I tutor, too: I’ll teach you the rules so you can break them.
I offer personalised tuition and mentoring tailored to your individual or group needs.
I can help you by providing:
     - 1:1 customised tuition
     - Mentoring
     - Image review
     - Consulting
Or educational services for:
     - Speaking events
     - Photography or creative group workshops
     - Competition judging (I am a PSNZ-accredited judge)
Take a look at my technical help articles, as originally published in NZ Photographer Magazine and free to read online. 

Indoor portraits using natural light: Sony Scene workshop hosted at Waitakere Arts, Henderson

“We have found Charlotte to be generous with her knowledge and professional in her approach to sharing it. I am very pleased to recommend her workshops and tutorials to anyone who wants to further their own practice,
either personally or on a club level."

- Lynda Leng: Auckland Photographic Society president
Photoshop Tuition
I'm an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop CC, so I can help you tackle this popular software
whether you're a first-time user or want to learn more advanced techniques

Video slideshow illustrating creative edit and retouch in Adobe Photoshop CC

Perhaps you have a long-term goal, such as applying for an honours set, creating a home studio, or maybe you just want to become more confident using your camera. Together, we will work towards achieving those goals in logical and manageable steps.
"Charlotte has the ability and enthusiasm to share her knowledge in a way that is clear to the learner.
I highly recommend her workshops."

- Susan Porter
"I have had private tuition with Charlotte: great value.
You can walk away from a session with clearer photographic vision and be able to expand your horizon.
I highly recommend you take up the opportunity to learn from her."

— Linda Hart
Courses & Talks
Look out for local classes I run, like my recent Photography 101 evening course,
or talks I give, like my recent discussion about AI and photography
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