People sat around a table cheers with wine glasses, a bar and staff are in the background

Staff cheers at a corporate dinner event in Queenstown New Zealand

Over the last 6 years working as a digital imaging specialist for The University of Auckland, I've accumulated a huge range of skills and experience from creating a wide range of content. Combined with my personal and creative artwork production,
I'm confident in providing freelance services for any request.
A small selection of what I offer is listed below.
Editing and Retouching
Photo editing, photo restoration, image resizing / formatting / noise reduction
Portrait of a young man wearing a hat and holding a rose, before and after photo edit and retouch

Professional studio portrait of a young man showing before and after retouch

Corporate Photography
Professional photos, head shots, model and talent shots, studio photography
Corporate photograph using creative studio lighting showing 4 businessmen in suits, smiling and looking smart and confident

Professional corporate portrait of business partners with brand colour lighting

Family photography, small wedding photography, fine-art portrait photography, studio photography, commissions
Family photograph at a wedding with the bride and groom and the bride's parents, everyone is very happy

Family portrait at a wedding with bride and groom, in my signature style

Event photography
Conferences, private and corporate events, parties, charity events
Professor Dame Juliet Gerrard from the University of Auckland gives a talk at a conference

A speaker at a corporate conference event in Queenstown New Zealand

Videography and sound recording, video editing, colour grading, photography slideshows and basic video graphics
Still screenshot image from a youtube video which shows a hand pointing at a map

Video screengrab from my work showreel

Showreel from 6 years of work at the University of Auckland as photographer, videographer, and microscopist

Jobs are assessed on an individual basis: contact me for rates. Day rates for larger jobs. Charity and Trust work discounted
NZBN: 9429050486205
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